Icebreaker Game Walkthrough - Level 25 to 28
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 25

Oh, look, this is easy, we can just cut off the Viking and… No, I’m not doing that to you again. Cut the iceberg as marked. Precision is very important.

Then cut the Viking out of the ice.

Level 26

This Instant Death Rune Boomerang Thing is going to be a pain, but you can work around it. Cut the rope as it starts swinging to the right and the left Viking will fall right into the boat.

The second Viking is, thankfully, immune to Instant Death Rune Instant Death, but, unfortunately, not immune to dropping in the water when falling straight down. Fortunately, we can remedy this problem! Cut as marked while the Viking is swinging to the left, and he will be flung into the longboat.

Level 27

This level is basically entirely luck. There is no elegant way to solve it at and you will probably end up hacking at large blocks of ice. A good general plan is to cut where marked here, dropping the right Viking into the ice hook, hack at it like mad to get the Viking into the boat, and then do the same thing for the other Viking and the left hand side of the ice formation, but you’ll be cursing and resetting all the way either way.

Level 28

And back to the puzzles! Cut this block of ROCKET ICE as marked and it will fill the gap in the floor below.

Next, cut these two blocks as marked. Cutting them both in the same cut (as shown) is technically possible, but not recommended, as the Viking might block your cut while you are distracted by the skyrocketing creature. Cutting the Viking block diagonally – up and to the right – is also recommended.

Once that is accomplished, cut the final block of ROCKET ICE in half and let the blocks fly. The Viking in the bottom left will be pushed into the boat by a large disc…

…and the Viking on the right will be flung into the boat via Vikingapult.