Top Browser Games (Not Flash)

**More new games coming soon**
  Hefty Shaman  
  Kaboom Swing  
  Black - Paint everything black!  
  Green - Paint everything green!  
  Use Shadows  
  Blue - Paint everything blue!  
  Red - Paint everything red!  
  Curveball - New Version now available!
  Sugar, Sugar 2 - Engineer a sequence that will deliver the materials through the right processes to the right destinations.
  Sugar, Sugar - Engineer a sequence that will deliver the materials through the right processes to the right destinations.
  Connect It - Solve the puzzle by placing gears in the right place, to put things in motion and connect the wires. Browser(non-flash) Version now available!
  Gimme Friction - Simple, but addicting.
  Shift - Shift to Rotate!
  Shift 2 - Can you traverse the mind bending puzzles when "Up" and "Down" lose their meaning?
  Tower Defence - Defend the tower.
  Trafficator - Control city traffic from one side of the map to the other without any accidents.
  Dynamic Systems - Get the metal ball in the bucket by building a path using the objects available. Browser(non-flash) Version now available!  
  Motherload - Dig for iron, gold platinum and more!
  2048 - The classic 2048 game.  
  Bridge Designer - Build a bridge to withstand the loads.  
  Mini-Putt - Finish 18 holes of mini-putt with the lowest score.
Golphysics - Physics-based golf game! Bouncy platforms, changing gravities, magnetic fields, power boosters, and more, much more!
Blocks of Death - Set all blocks to the "down" position.
CircloO 2     CircloO 2
CircloO     CircloO
Flush     Flush

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Learn 2 Fly
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Learn to Fly 3
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Cargo Bridge
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Raft Wars 2
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Bob the Robber 2
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Bridge Builder
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Sugar Sugar
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Dynamic Systems
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Gimme Friction Baby!
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Crush the Castle 2
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Pinch Hitter 2
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Tower Defence
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Rollercoaster Rush
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Nuclear Gun
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Into Space
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Mining Truck 2
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1056103 Plays

Use Boxmen
1030263 Plays

Cursed Treasure
1025294 Plays

Ice Breaker
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Civilizations Wars
875242 Plays

Cargo Bridge 2
845340 Plays

Truck Loader 4
842260 Plays

Mad Bombs
786505 Plays

Connect It
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Cargo Bridge: Xmas
760260 Plays

Truck Loader 3
737022 Plays

Civiballs 2
720177 Plays

692525 Plays

670208 Plays

Superstacker 2
643413 Plays

Electric Box
635529 Plays

Spin the Black Circle
634232 Plays

Shift 3
624017 Plays

614754 Plays

607284 Plays

Magic Pen 2
584793 Plays

A Bonte Escape
571262 Plays

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563517 Plays

Factory Balls
562170 Plays

Fault Line
535154 Plays

Ball Story
534291 Plays