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Designer Edge - Blue Robotics is Kickstarter funding a production run for their high performance low cost marine thruster.  More>>

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NASA's CanadArm Inspires Robotic Surgeons

Designer Edge - Robot allows surgeons to quickly navigate to surgical sites in the body More>>


Ultrasonic Sensor SOC can Sense Objects and Distance for Automotive and Industrial Designs

Electronics - Adding object detection and distance monitoring to designs. More>>


World’s Fastest Camera Announced

Designer Edge - A new camera developed by researchers in Japan can shoot 4.4 trillion frames per second. More>>


3D Systems’ Digital Thread Enhances U.S. Marine Corps Combat and Logistic Units’ Toolkit

3D Printing - 3D Systems'; scan, design, print and inspection tools are making it easier torecreate vital... More>>


Smart-Skin Aircraft Can Detect Combat Damage

Designer Edge - Work is underway at BAE Systems to give aircraft human-like skin enabling the detection of... More>>


Will Wave Power Ever Make a Big Splash?

Electronics - Wave power is abundant but underutilized. Will a standard generator design make a big splash in... More>>


Engineers Take Major Step Toward Photonic Circuits

Designer Edge - Electrical engineering researchers at the University of Alberta are designing nano-optical... More>>


New Software Dramatically Increases the Speed and Ease of 3D Engineering Simulations

Designer Edge - A newly developed software drastically increases the ease and speed with which 3D Engineering... More>>


Irish Researchers Create Wearable Sensors Using Rubber Bands

Designer Edge - Could graphene covered rubber bands be the key to building cheap, wearable sensors? More>>


Mercedes Introduces Passenger Car Grade Steel Pistons

Designer Edge - Mercedes brings steel pistons to the passenger car market. Can they improve fuel efficiency... More>>


Ultrasonic levitation machine gains funding through Kickstarter

Designer Edge - Richard Haberkern wants us to learn about ultrasonic levitation, and then he wants us to build a... More>>


Engineers Discover the Secrets to Earthworm Movement

Designer Edge - Engineers at the University of Liverpool have found how worms move around, despite not having a... More>>


SOLIDWORKS Launches Education Edition 2014-2015

Design Software - SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium and 3DEXPERIENCE available in new release. More>>


Cuttlefish Inspired Camo

Designer Edge - Cuttlefish inspired camouflage to keep US Navy ships and subs safe from enemies. But could it... More>>


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