Icebreaker Game Walkthrough - Level 13 to 16
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 13

Introducing the ravens. These guys will fly up and drag whatever they’re attached to with them. Also introduced here is wood, which can be moved around easily. Huh. I wonder what we’re supposed to do here. Cut as marked.

The ravens will fly up, and throw this guy into the boat in the process.

They will then take up a holding position behind this icicle. Cut the ropes and the Viking will fall into the boat.

Level 14

Introducing the Balloon Valkyrie! These fine women provide soft round cushions for our Vikings as they roll down the slopes. As it so happens, there are two Balloon Valkyries on this level, and two Balloon Valkyrie-shaped holes in the ground.
Hm… Cut where marked, and when marked, so as to avoid the Balloon Valkyrie getting caught in the spinning ice… crescent… thing.

This one requires that you cut two ropes – first, the right hand rope on the left hand platform, shown cut here. Next, the rope marked. Finally, once both holes are plugged, cut the rope and let the Vikingball roll.

Level 15

First things first. Let’s get rid of all this excess weight. Cut as marked.

The right hand side of the ice seesaw will catch this guy. Cut as marked and plunk him into the bucket.

Cut here to turn your ice seesaw into an ice trebuchet, and throw the Viking into the boat.

Level 16

That is a very inconveniently placed ice formation. Cut where marked to lighten it up a little.

Ah, much better. Now all you have to do is cut as marked, and the final Viking will slide into the boat.