Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 1

Cut the frozen Viking free from the ice so he falls into the boat. This isn’t exactly rocket science.

Level 2

As you can see, this level actually has two Vikings. This Viking, in the lower left, is pretty easy to cut loose. Make the cut shown in the image and he will slide down the slope and into the boat.

The other Viking is a little trickier, but we can still get him out with only two cuts. As you can see, cutting the ice on both sides of him will drop him into the boat.

Level 3

Let’s build an ice slide! A quick look at the minimap shows that there are holes in the slope. Positioned above those holes are big icicles roughly the size of the holes. Gee, I wonder what we should do with those.

Cut where marked.

Once you’ve cut off the icicle further down the slope, you can take out these two with a single cut.

All that’s left now is to turn this little outcropping into an ice sled the Viking can ride down the slope and into the boat!

Level 4

Four Vikings is a lot of Vikings, but fortunately they’re grouped together. These two can both be dropped into the boat with a single cut, as shown here.

These two require two cuts to get them into the boat, and one or two afterwards to make the ice blocks small enough for the captain to break.