Icebreaker Game Walkthrough - Level 17 to 20
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 17

This level seems fairly easy – just drop the Viking into the boat. Unfortunately, we’ve got a creature in the way. To get rid of it, we are going to need to do some Balloon Valkyrie bowling. Pop these three Balloon Valkyries by cutting as marked, dropping the wooden plank they are holding up into the gap.

Next, we need to set up some supports for the next wood plank. Cutting this rope will send this Balloon Valkyrie rolling down below it to form the right leg of a wood/Balloon Valkyrie table. Cutting the rope to the right of the Balloon Valkyrie in the lower left will allow it to form the left leg.

With both legs in place, all that’s left is to cut these three ropes. The big wood block will fall into place, and the wood plank will slide down and plug up the hole.

Next, cut this rope and let the Balloon Valkyrie roll down the slope…

Bouncing off the gap in the slope, knocking the creature out of the way, and landing in the boat!

With the creature out of the way, cut this rope and drop the Viking into the boat.

Level 18

Introducing ROCKET ICE. When cut, ROCKET ICE blasts off away from the direction of the cut. Cutting this block of ROCKET ICE as marked will sending it flying into the boat.

Once in the boat, simply cutting up the ROCKET ICE so that the captain can break it should allow all three Vikings to fall into the boat.

Level 19

More ROCKET ICE fun. Lets get these two Vikings into the boat. Cut as marked and their ROCKET ICE rocket will send them flying down into it.

Sadly, a ROCKET ICE rocket is impractical here. Two cuts, as marked, should be sufficient to drop this Viking into the boat.

This third ROCKET ICE block is easier. Cut as marked and let it carry the Viking into the boat.

Level 20

This level is mostly solved by trial and error. Cutting the ROCKET ICE block, diagonally, as marked, should take it out to the upper Vikings and knock them into the longboat.

Then, once they’re gone, cut the rope and it should knock out the third.