Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 9

This level, on the other hand, really is just a more complicated version of level 3. Honest. We can start by cutting out these two icicles. Cut close enough to the ceiling and they will fall as a unit.

These low-hanging icicles are a new obstacle. We need to cut them free before the big giant icicle, so that they will slide into the big hole in the ice. Once that’s done, cut off the big icicle so it plugs the big hole.

And then, finally, we have this thing. I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you. This thing is a pain. The angle you need to cut at the bottom (so that its stump does not block the falling Vikingball) and the angle you need to cut at the top (so that it plugs the hole) do not work well together. The cuts marked here work, assuming you follow them up with a third cut to the base, but mostly this is a test of precision. Afterward, cut the rope holding up the Vikingball and cross your fingers. It’s too big for the captain to break open, so you may have to cut it down to size.

Level 10

This level has a few new dangers in store for us. Luckily, we can sort them out pretty easily.

First, we need to make a bridge over the Instant Death Runes. This statue will do nicely.

Now we need to get rid of these creatures. This cut will drop both of these into the boat. The third one can be disposed of in the same manner.

This creature can be disposed of by cutting as marked. Cut up the ice blocks on the boat to make sure the captain deals with all of the creatures.


Level 11

This is a test of precision, in which you need to use the large ice block to knock the Viking through the narrow gap between the two Instant Death Runes and into the boat. The cut marked will work.

Level 12

Back to the puzzles. These two outcroppings of ice will block Vikings and send them into the Instant Death Runes. Get rid of them.

Get this creature out of the way…

…and drop this Viking into the boat.

Cut these ropes to drop this ice block into place and build a bridge over the Instant Death Runes, then cut the last Viking loose and watch him slide down into the boat.