Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 5

Physics! Who doesn’t love physics? Vikings who are about to get hit with ICE HAMMERS, that’s who. Note that the pins hold the ice in place. When you cut the hammer as shown, the hammer will swing around using the lower pin as its pivot point, and knock the Viking below it into the boat.

I’ll let you form your own conclusions about what to do with this one.

Level 6

The ice hammer returns. Cutting loose the ice hammer here will cause it to knock the disc onto the end of the ice seesaw, which will fling the Viking up into the air. But we have a problem: the right hand end of the seesaw comes up too fast and blocks the Viking. How can we solve this problem?

Violence, naturally. Cutting the ice seesaw in half after the Viking is in motion leaves nothing there to block his descent into the boat.

Level 7

Well, this one seems very simple. Just cut off the icicle holding the Viking back and he should...

…whoops. Yeah, don’t do that.

Here’s the answer. Cutting this ice block diagonally as shown will turn it into a wall that can direct oncoming balls of ice and Vikings toward the longboat.

Now we can cut the icicle and let him loose.

Level 8

Hey, look, another easy one! It’s just a repeat of the first level! Cut the icicle here and the Viking will fall into the boat.

And… huh. That’s funny. Where’s the level over screen?

Well this could be tricky.

Let’s get the ball swinging. Cut where marked.

Now cut the ice (the rope will also work) as the Viking swings toward the boat, and send him flying into it like some kind of ice-Viking-rope bola.