Icebreaker Game Walkthrough - Level 29 to 32
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 29

Let’s get the ball rolling. You can get rid of this Vikingball through Balloon Valkyrie bowling, but the ball is too large for the captain to break. You’ll save a cut by just cutting off the excess weight on the right hand side and letting the imbalance carry it over the edge.

Next, remove this unsightly bulk by cutting as marked. Everything not connected to the pins will sink into the ocean like Bowser sinks into the lava after thinking it was a good idea to kidnap the Princess for the four hundred thirty second time.

Cut as marked.

Then cut as marked again. But better, because it’s really hard to take screenshots and make precisely timed cuts.

Then do the same thing with the other Viking.

Level 30

You have to cut the rope.

Then, once that Viking has rolled onto the right hand side of the ice seesaw, you have to cut the other rope.

Level 31

Well this looks impossible. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of physics, we can make the impossible, possible. Cut as marked. The block of ice will, magically, swing to the right, as it does so, make the same cut on the left hand side of the Viking, so you wind up with something like this:

Then cut as marked while it swings back to the left, and fling the Viking into the boat.

Level 32

First things first. Let’s get rid of this guy.

The other non-frozen Viking is a challenge. He’s on something easily turned into an ice seesaw, but too close to the middle to be flung into the boat. We’re going to have to move him to the edge. Two surgical cuts to the upper ice formation, as marked, should do the trick, dropping a block of ice that will send the Viking scooting away from the center.

See? Much more convenient. We can still benefit from cutting out some excess weight, though. Make a diagonal cut as shown to create your Vikingapult.

Then, as it swings back up, cut this guy off.