Icebreaker 2 Red Clan Game Walkthrough - Level 13 to 16
Icebreaker: The Red Clan Icebreaker: The Red Clan
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 13

We need to fill the hole in the slope below first. Cut this ice block so that the disc falls and fills it. This will also get the ice block containing the Viking swinging – exposing the rope.

Cut the exposed rope, and the block will slide down the slope, over the disc, and land in the boat.

To do the same for the other Viking, we need to utilize the power of ROCKET ICE. Cutting this will set the Viking swinging and let us get at the rope.

Be sure to time your cutting of the rope so that the spinning rock formation knocks it toward the boat, not away.

Level 14

Clean out the six rightmost green Valkyries on this platform, then cut the rope. The platform will flip over and drop the Viking in the boat.

The other Viking is a bit trickier. Start by popping all the green Valkyries on his platform.

Then, cut the ropes holding up the platform – first the right hand, then the left hand. The Viking should slide down the platform and stop next to the big blue Balloon Valkyrie, while the platform will sink into the water.

Next, cut the ice and let this spinning disc fall. As it does, pop the blue Balloon Valkyrie, cutting the rope behind her in the process. The platform will flip over and throw the Viking into the boat.

Level 15

This ice with the bubbles can float. Let us use it to build a road. Cut along the top as marked.

Then, cut this ice block so that the Viking drops onto the rock and rolls along the road.

As it approaches the boat, grab it with the grabby rock on the spinning plate. It will spin the Viking into the boat.

Level 16

First, cut this ROCKET ICE block as marked, which will push the Viking trapped in floating ice under the rock formation and onto the hook at the end of the wood seesaw.

Next, cut these ropes and let the spinning disc roll down and catapult the Viking into the boat.

Now for the other one. Cut the rope to drop the Viking into the sea.

Then cut this ice ledge so that the disc rolls down the slope and pushes the Viking under the rock and into the water wheel.