Icebreaker 2 Red Clan Game Walkthrough - Level 25 to 28
Icebreaker: The Red Clan Icebreaker: The Red Clan
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 25

I came to hate this level.

There are indents in the slope, with wooden blocks shaped like the indents above them. Problem: the blocks are upside down.

To solve this problem, we need to cut these blocks loose one rope at a time. Start with the right rope, then…

Once the block is in the right position, cut the left rope. Repeat for the other two blocks. Note that getting the timing right can be very difficult – with the two left hand blocks, it helps if you wait until the block starts swinging back to the right before you cut.

Finally, cut the rope holding up the Viking and let him roll into the boat.

Level 26

This level is also not my favorite.

Your best bet is to secure the grabby rock on which the Viking is standing to the ROCKET ICE below it…

…and the Viking himself.

With the Viking hopefully secured, make a cut somewhere and hope it doesn't flip over and smash the Viking into the instant death runes.

If you are extremely lucky, you will end up with a position like this, and will be able to jiggle the ROCKET ICE so that the Viking falls into the boat.

Level 27

You really have two options here. The fastest, most cut-efficient way is to cut all three Vikingballs down at once. This way, at least one, and possibly two Vikingballs will skip over the hole in the main path, and roll directly into the boat. However, this runs the risk of balls overshooting the boat.

When a Vikingball gets stuck in the hole, you can get it out by cutting it down.

Using the fast method, you can get the final Viking down by making a single cut, as marked, that causes the Viking and a sheet of ice to fall down onto the slope. If done right, the Viking should ride the sheet of ice over the gap and into the boat!

If you're having too much trouble with that, you can also just cut the Vikingballs down one at a time so they block up the hole.

Level 28

This level requires speed to get it done properly, so work fast. First, we're going to need both grabby rock boulders on the slope, so attach this one to the bottom of that icicle and pop the Balloon Valkyrie it sits on. Cut the arm as it swings and it should land on the slope, between the other two Valkyries.

Quickly attach each grabby rock to opposite ends of the ice boat, and pop the Valkyries around them. The boulders will roll down the slope, taking the ice boat with them!

As you approach the longboat, cut the iceboat free so that it sails into the longboat and deposits its cargo.