Icebreaker 2 Red Clan Game Walkthrough - Level 5 to 8
Icebreaker: The Red Clan Icebreaker: The Red Clan
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 5

This level is, essentially, luck. Cut the ice as marked, cross your fingers, and hope the Viking will land in the boat. You may need to pop some Balloon Valkyries to finish the job.

Level 6

First off, we obviously need to get the boulder of grabby rock closer to the Viking and the spinning plate. Attach the grabby rock to the pin here, then cut the ice to let it swing forward.

Then, grab onto the next rock formation and cut the first link.

Finally, you could try to hook up the boulder to the spinning plate in an effort to knock the Viking into the boat, or you could just grab him and let the pendulum motion pull him into the boat.

Level 7

This level requires some precision. The boat-like construct is made of grabby rock, and the purple-blue block is the return of our friend the ROCKET ICE. These two features are critical for getting the Viking into the boat.

First, you need to anchor the grabby rock boat to the ice shelf below it. Next, attach the bow to the upper right hand corner of the ROCKET ICE block. Finally, be ready to make some quick adjustments, and cut off the far left hand side of the ROCKET ICE block.

The ROCKET ICE will shove the Balloon Valkyrie into the gap, where she will land on the seesaw and launch the Viking into the grabby rock boat. Meanwhile, the other part of the block will spin in circles around the point where it is anchored to the grabby rock boat. You need to use the block to pull the grabby rock boat over to the regular boat. To start, you need to connect the bow to the other right-hand corner of the block while it is facing to the right, as shown.

Finally, with the ROCKET ICE firmly anchored to the grabby rock boat, cut the connection anchoring it to the ice shelf and let the Viking fly into the longboat.

Level 8

Time to go bowling. You can't touch the stack of Balloon Valkyries, but you can throw this big disc at them. Try to aim so that the disc hits the furthest right Viking.