Icebreaker 2 Red Clan Game Walkthrough - Level 1 to 4
Icebreaker: The Red Clan Icebreaker: The Red Clan
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 1

This level introduces the first of the Red Clan's new map features – grabby rock. This rock allows you to drag out magical hands, anchoring things to it. Anchor the icicles in which the Vikings are hanging to the rock, then cut the icicles free from the ice formation.

They will fall and dangle above the boat. Now you can just cut the arms to drop them into the boat!

Level 2

The premise of this level is fairly simple, but execution can be painful. You need to cut the ice here at such an angle that it can be knocked up and out of the ice wall and into the boat, but will not slide into the ocean on its own.

Once that's accomplished, anchor the ball of grabby rock to the pin up above, and cut loose the platform it rests on. It will swing down and knock the Vikings into the boat.

Level 3

Our actual goal on this level is to knock the Viking into the boat using that large disc in the bottom corner there, but there's a hole in the path. Let's start by cutting these ravens free.

The stone dominoes will fall and fill up this hole, allowing us to cut loose this rock so it rolls down the path and fills the hole below!

Then all you have to do is cut the rope holding back the disc, and it will knock the Viking into the boat!

Level 4

This level introduces two variations on the Balloon Valkyrie – one is simply square and therefore able to stack, while the other is also square but is considerably smaller. Here they are stacked into a tower so that you can play Balloon Valkyrie Jenga.

Take out these two small Valkyries first.

Then this big one, dropping the frozen Viking down into the center of the tower.

Finally, pop these two large Valkyries to drop the Viking into the boat.