Ice Breaker: The Gathering Walkthrough Level - 17 to 20
Ice Breaker: The Gathering Ice Breaker: The Gathering
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 17

This level introduces trampoline rock. This green rock is, for lack of a better word, "bouncy". Anything hitting it will rebound at a high speed. We can therefore use it to make trampolines.

Truly, I am a creative genius.

It's possible to drop both of these Vikings simultaneously, although difficult. Having been dropped, the Vikings will both bounce off the trampoline rock and into the boat.

Level 18

First, we need to free this hammer. Cut here.

Then, cut this ledge off to let the trampoline block spin around and hit the hammer from behind.

At the moment of contact, severe the hammer, sending the Viking flying into the boat!

Level 19

Return of the ravens. This level can be painful. Very painful. First, you'll need to cut the ice as close to the Vikings as possible, as shown above.

Next, free the Viking on the left. This is necessary to prevent him from falling off the ledge.

Free the Viking on the right, and let the ravens fly off and upwards.

The center Viking is a bit more challenging, as there is no way to cut off the large piece of ice directly above him without also severing the ropes.


Get him light enough to fly.

Once he's up in the air, the heavy top part will flip over, exposing it and allowing you to slice it off.

The ravens will then fly up and congregate near the opening, allowing you to quickly slice the ropes and drop all three Vikings into the boat simultaneously.

Level 20

So we've now got our Viking stuck up on one of those annoying ice blocks where it's nearly impossible to swing him at the boat. Trying to use the weight of the ice block will just knock him off into the ocean. Instead, we will have to be particularly devious.

Starting by cutting as shown.

Then, make a second diagonal cut here. This will get rid of a lot of the dead weight.

Next, we need to get rid of some of the dead ice at the bottom, so first cut here…

…and then here. The pinned ice blocks will spin around and adopt a far more favorable position.

Which allows to cut a ramp cleanly here, that will carry the Viking into the boat!