Ice Breaker: The Gathering Walkthrough Level - 21 to 24
Ice Breaker: The Gathering Ice Breaker: The Gathering
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 21

This level is a fairly straightforward timing challenge. You must cut the bomb so that it falls in between the two spikes on the rock block, then blow it to blow a hole in the rock, allowing you to cut the Viking free.

The rock, however, moves very fast. No amount of screenshots can help you with this one. Only speed.

Level 22

This level will provide a few unique challenges. There's no real way to complete in under eight cuts, but we'll do our best.

This first Viking must be swung into the boat. This will require a few strategic cuts.

These two cuts will separate the Viking from all pins save the lower right one...

This cut will allow the Viking some freedom to swing.

This cut will prevent the bulky corner of the ice block from getting in the way.

And this cut will finally set the Viking swinging.

Try to cut as close to the Viking as you can, to save on cuts when he gets into the boat.

This second Viking is much easier to get out, fortunately, so it is recommended you do it only after the first Viking has been freed. Cut here…

…and here. Make sure the ice block tapers to the upper left. The Viking will slide out and land in the longboat.

Level 23

Our old friend, ROCKET ICE, and our old nemesis, Instant Death Runes, return to do battle once again.

While the obvious threat to the loose Viking here is from the Instant Death Runes, he's also in danger from the ravens, as contact with them will kill him. Therefore, we're going to need to be careful.

Naturally, we'll start by lightening the load on the frozen Viking, allowing the ravens to get dangerously close to the loose one.

With both Vikings ready to be flown out, deploy two wedges of ROCKET ICE to push them off and to the right.

With the two Vikings over the boat, immediately cut the ropes, dropping both into the boat and completing the level.

Level 24

Once again, we have a level where cleverness will allow us to save many, many cuts. Start by cutting between the two incisions above, separating the Viking from the rest of the ice block.

Next, cut this rope, to set the frozen Viking swinging.

This will allow you to cut off half of the Viking's ice block and the four other ropes simultaneously. The frozen Viking will be flung into the longboat, while the other ice block will fall, bounce off the trampoline rock below, and shove the other frozen Viking into the longboat as well.