Ice Breaker: The Gathering Walkthrough Level - 13 to 16
Ice Breaker: The Gathering Ice Breaker: The Gathering
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 13

This level is fairly straightforward. The ice platform in the center will continue along in the circle laid out by the track. This will allow it to carry the two Vikings to the boat.

Start by cutting this Viking's ledge free as the platform approaches it.

Then, cut this Viking free as the platform passes him.

Finally, as the platform passes over the boat, cut once on the right…

…and once on the left.

Level 14

This level lets us screw around with some nifty rock gadgetry. First, we need to get the Viking into position. Cut off the lower half of this icicle, so that the Viking will have a ramp.

Next, cut the Viking off from the icicle. He will drop onto the ramp and be loaded onto the pump.

Now, cut off the rest of the big ice block to hammer down on the pump.

With the Viking lifted up, slice a ramp for him so he'll slide down the slope and into the boat.

Level 15

The rock Viking that sweeps back and forth across the ice is a major obstacle. Cut the ice block below it at both ends to create a lower drop platform.

Up into the rigging! This rock platform serves no purpose other than to annoy us. Cut it off as the rock Viking passes under its center, to helpfully carry it off and throw it into the ocean.

Next, as the rock Viking passes under the platform on the left, cut these two ropes to drop the two regular Vikings down onto the ice.

This will set the entire rigging swinging. The swinging motion will helpfully knock one of the upper Vikings onto the lower platform. Nevertheless, the swinging platforms must be disposed of. Cut them free as they both swing outwards, so that they will be thrown into the ocean.

Then, cut this rope. All three remaining Vikings will then be on the same platform.

Allow you to sever the final rope and drop these Vikings down onto the ice.

Then, it's a simple matter of slicing a ramp so that they fall into the boat.

Level 16

This level requires very precise timing, which is difficult to screenshot. The goal is to stack the two rock platforms one on top of the other so that the top one is as flat as possible. Judicious use of the two spikes at either side of the map will assist, but this is a very difficult task nonetheless.

Having stacked the platforms better than I am capable of, cut off each Viking as the platform passes under it, going to the right. It will be pushed off by the rock spike as it passes over the boat.