Ice Breaker: The Gathering Walkthrough Level - 9 to 12
Ice Breaker: The Gathering Ice Breaker: The Gathering
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 9

We return to our good old friends the First Clan, who have now apparently discovered mobile rock. These rocks drift along a course defined by the metal track in the background. In this case, it's a hand that goes up and down.

Unfortunately, this level is also painfully unfunny in every conceivable way, so you will have to make do without my razor-sharp wit. I know, you're crushed.

We need to knock that Viking off and into the boat, so we need to cut out this long, narrow cone-ended rod of ice so that it lands in the rock hand, something which, as previously mentioned, is not the least bit funny. At all.

The hand will then shake the block of ice up and down vigorously in a fashion that is not remotely suggestive of anything whatsoever. The block of ice which is not the least bit funny in any way will then knock this platform over, sending the Viking into the boat.

And stop giggling.

Level 10

This level requires us to do some fancy projectile work. First, though, we need to cut off this deadweight. Cut the rope.

Next, cut off about half of one of the spinning arms as it approaches the Vikings. The next arm with fling it at the Vikings, knocking the first one into the boat – then fling it again, knocking in the second.

Level 11

We need to build a ramp here. Cutting here will make the long end…

…and cutting here will make the fulcrum. The ramp will now be support by the large rock arrow below it.

Unfortunately, the large rock arrow is going up and down constantly, which means timing is going to be important again.

This Viking should be cut free just as the ramp begins to rise out of the ocean.

And this one cut free just as it begins to sink back in.

Don't do them the other way around. As efficient as it might seem, the last thing you need screwing up your Viking deployment ramp is a midair collision.

Level 12

This level is fairly simple, with no timing challenges. What's important is the order in which you cut the Vikings. Start with this guy, slicing along the ice shelf so that he slides into the boat. You may have to cut down his ice block afterwards so the captain can break it.

Next, this guy. You're definitely going to have cut his ice block up, so you might as well get a head start here. Cut it in two parts.

This will leave the ice blocks precariously balanced on the left hand side of the rocks.

Now, you can these ropes. The rocks will swing open and drop two Vikings into the boat in one go.

Finally, with the rocks out of the way, you can drop this last icicle straight into the boat.