Ice Breaker: The Gathering Walkthrough Level - 5 to 8
Ice Breaker: The Gathering Ice Breaker: The Gathering
Save the frozen vikings by getting them back to their longboat!

Level 5

This level seems intimidating, but it actually works on a fairly simple principle. There are three wooden gates leading to the boat. Gates with the wooden spike pointing to the right are closed. To the left, open. Hitting a closed gate will dispose of the rock and/or Viking into the ocean and open it. Passing through an open gate will close it.

The logical thing to do here is just to drop rocks into the gate system one after the other until all the gates are open, then drop in the Viking. But that's no fun, so we're going to mix things up a little. First, cut off this rock.

It will open the first gate. Next, cut these two simultaneously. This will open the second gate while keeping the first open

Next, cut these two. This will open the bottom two gates, but close the first.

Finally, cut off this one remaining rock. It will open the first gate.

Now cut the Viking free, and he will roll through all three gates and into the boat.

Level 6

This level is fairly simple. Cut the ropes so that the bombs land at either side of the large piece of rock in the center. Blow the bombs so it falls and launches the Viking into the boat.

Level 7

The goal of this level is to hit the block containing the two Vikings with the big giant hammer. To do that, though, we need to blow the hammer's connections in two places.

Slice the top off this ice tower so that the bomb will slide towards the first key point.

The key point is marked by the incision. Blow the bomb to sever this arm.

Next, slice along the bottom here, so that the tower will slowly slide off entirely.

The bomb will slide with it. Blow it as it passes the second key point, dropping the hammer in the process.

With the Vikings safely deposited in the boat, all that's left to do is to cut open the ice so the captain can break it.

Level 8

We get to play the pin blowing game again. Cut the rope as the bomb swings to the right.

Blow as it approaches the second pin. Make sure not to blow the first pin, too. That would be bad.

It's our good friend the raven! We haven't seen one of those in a while.

We'll be sick of them soon enough, don't worry.

For now, though, make the cut shown. This will cause the raven to fly up, flipping the wood piece over, flipping the rock piece over, and dropping the now severed Viking into the boat.