FactoryBalls 2 Walkthrough Level - 21 to 25

Level 21

Level 21 uses the plungers again. It’s not overly difficult. Start by dying the ball black and putting on the sunglasses.

Use the two ear plungers once each – appendages created using the plungers stay the color of the ball when they were created, regardless of any changes made afterward. Then, dump the ball into the red paint.

Then, paint the ball red, remove the sunglasses, and use the nose plunger twice.

Level 22

Oh, look, it’s a level that we’ve already done, but easier because this time you can restart if you screw up.

Start by dying the ball blue and putting it one of the belts, then dropping it in the yellow.

Repeat with the other belt.

Finish off with both belts simultaneously in the orange. Congratulations, you’re done.

Level 23

The spot cover returns, as does the short paint bucket from the previous game, which will never be seen again. Nevertheless, it is fairly important to this level, so let's play along with it.

Start by donning the hat and dumping the ball into the black paint. This will give you a ball with a white upper half and a black lower half.

Then, pick up the spot cover, and drop it in the black paint. This will give us a black upper half with white spots, and a black lower half with black spots.

We can fix that last part by dropping it in the short bucket, which will only paint the lower half of the ball white. Return the spot cover to finish the level.

Level 24

This level involves some creative use of the hat, but not much else. Start by donning the hat and applying the blue flower seeds.

Then, put the hat back and apply the grass seeds.

Water once. Apply white flower seeds. Water twice.

Don’t worry, we should be done with these.

Level 25

Another pie-chart related puzzle! Yes, rather than Pac-Man, we’re making pie charts. Start by painting the ball green, donning the hat, and applying the yellow.

Rotate to this position, then put on the hat again.

Drop the ball in the orange paint.

Rotate to this position, put on the hat, and drop it in orange paint again. After that, all that should be left is the clean-up.