FactoryBalls 2 Walkthrough Level - 1 to 5

Level 1

Welcome back to Factory Balls 2.

As with the first game, the first level introduces one concept, the paint bucket, which will be a recurring mechanic central to the game, and one concept, tape, which will never be seen again.

Drag and drop the ball over the blue bucket to paint it blue.

The first level of Factory Balls 2 is slightly more complicated than the first level of Factory Balls 1 in that we must apply tape twice. Apply the green tape first, to create the two outer rings.

Then apply the black tape and forget about this mechanic forever.

Level 2

And now we introduce a mechanic that actually will see some use.

In the continuing saga of what the balls actually are being rather ill-defined, they are now apparently made of soil, since we can grow things in them. The bag here is a bag of grass seeds. Dropping the ball onto it will cover it in said seeds.

When the ball has seeds on it, you can drag and drop it onto a watering can to water them. Watering grass seeds once will create a thin, well-cut lawn on top of your ball.

Watering that will create the overgrown mess you need to complete the level.

Level 3

Here we introduce another mechanic that will actually see some use, the belt.

Belts, when placed on the ball, cover a strip – horizontal, for horizontal belts, and vertical, for vertical belts. Go figure.

So, paint your ball orange, and strap it into that belt.

With the ball strapped in, dump it in the blue paint.

Then, put the belt back to complete the level.

Level 4

This level introduces two more mechanics that will be seen again (despite the opening, Factory Balls 2 is much better about reusing its mechanics than Factory Balls 1 was) – sunglasses and dots.

The spray-paint-esque canister with the black circle on it will create black dots to serve as eyes. Dropping the ball on it once will paint on one dot. Dropping it again will paint a second dot. Dropping it a third time will enlarge the first dot, dropping it a fourth time will enlarge the second dot, and so on and so on.

Once the dots are on, drop the ball onto the sunglasses to cover the eyes while we dunk the rest of the ball in the paint.

Dunk the rest of the ball into the paint.

Put the sunglasses back, and move on to the next level.

Level 5

Start this level off by painting the ball yellow and giving it two large eyes – as we’ve established, dropping it on the dot can a third time will start to enlarge the eyes it already has.

With the eyes thus put on, we’re going to add another form of ball-covering item – this hard hat will cover the top half of the ball.

Drop it the green paint with the hat on, then put the hat back and move on.