FactoryBalls 2 Walkthrough Level - 26 to 30

Level 26

On this level we discover the latest in light bulb osmosis technology: actual osmosis. Making the ball permeable and then using the watering can will put water in it. Using it once raises the water halfway, using it twice fills it up.

Fill it up.

These food coloring droppers change the water to the corresponding color. Make the water red.

Do so because the fish, when used, are added to the ball at the current water level, and in the current water color.

Once you have a red fish in your ball, raising the silliness level of the game to an entirely new height, make the water blue again.

Level 27

This ball shouldn’t be too difficult given what you’ve learned thus far. Start by painting the ball purple – no, that is not a grey region on the right ear, just a trick of the light. Trust me. I know.

Use the left ear plunger once and the right ear plunger twice.

Paint the whites of the eyes on your ball. You should need to do this seven times.

Then, apply the black dots five times, and your surprised cartoon bunny will be complete.

Level 28

Yes, the present-wrapping puzzle has now been combined with the seed puzzle. At least the latter adds a bit of innovation to the former. Start with the usual – first, put the ball in one belt and apply the seeds...

...then do the same thing with the other belt...

...then put on both belts and water the ball once...

...then remove both belts and water the ball twice.

Level 29

Another pie chart. This one has a rather large white area and since we don’t have any white paint we’re going to have to deal with that first.

Rotate the ball into this position, then put the hat on.

Rotate it into this position, then put the hat on again and drop it in the black paint.

Rotate the ball into this position – look at how clever we are, taking advantage of the fact that one half is all one color – put on the hat again, and paint the lower half of the ball red.

Once the lower half is red, remove the hat and rotate the ball into its final position.

Level 30

We’re almost there, the home stretch! What could possibly await us?

Why, more fish, of course. Start by filling the ball halfway and coloring the water red. Add the first fish. It will be added as a red fish about halfway up the ball.

Fill the water to the top, dye it blue, add the blue fish.

Finally, dye the water green to finish the game.