FactoryBalls 2 Walkthrough Level - 6 to 10

Level 6

And we’re back to our old friends the belts.

Strap on a horizontal belt before we do any painting, then drop it in the blue paint.

Then, strap on the vertical belt and drop the ball in the purple paint.


Level 7

And it’s the seeds again. This is mostly just two previous levels, mashed together. Add the eyes and cover them with the sunglasses.

Then add the grass seeds.

Then grow the grass twice.

Level 8

Our old friend the spot cover returns. Sadly, there won’t be anything particularly interesting to do in this level. Just paint the ball yellow and put a little hat on it.

Then paint the bottom half orange.

Then remove the hat and put on the spot cover.

Then paint the ball blue and wonder why you needed a walkthrough for this in the first place.

Level 9

This level requires us to make use of the hitherto hopefully unseen third stage of grass – water grass seeds a third time, and the grass dies.

Dead grass is permanent, and there’s no way to get rid of it without trashing the ball. Since Factory Balls 2 only gives you exactly as many balls as you need to complete the game, this is undesirable. So don’t apply grass unless you know what you’re doing.

Here, we need to protect the top half of the grass from water. Put a bunch of grass seeds on the ball, then don the hat.

With the hat donned, water the bottom half of the ball twice – actually, since dead grass stays dead, I guess you can water it as much as you want. But you have to water it at least twice.

Once you’re done watering the lower half of your ball put the hat back.

Then, water the ball one last time to complete your lovely ball of grass.

Level 10

Here’s another easy mission. To make a glowing ball, start by painting the ball the appropriate color. Then, drop it onto this reverse ball pump, which will give it the ability to absorb light bulbs by means of light bulb osmosis.

Make use of this light bulb osmosis to complete the level.