FactoryBalls 2 Walkthrough Level - 11 to 15

Level 11

This level gives us white dot spray cans, which is helpful, because they allow us to make more complex eyes.

Paint the ball blue, then drop it onto the white dot spray can about half a dozen times.

Once your ball looks like this, drop it onto the black dot spray can slightly less than half a dozen times.

Congratulations, you’ve finished another ball. Don’t you feel proud?

Level 12

Now we introduce a new seed type: flowers!

Flowers, like grass, grow when you water them. Unlike grass, watering them a third time simply makes them disappear.

Here, we need to start by planting flowers.

Then, water the flowers once.

Then, plant the grass seeds, and water it a second time to complete the levels.

Level 13

Start off by strapping the ball into one belt and dunking it in the purple paint.

Then, put in the other belt and drop it in the purple paint again. Congratulations, you now have a white square in the middle of your purple ball.

Then, put the first strap back on and drop the whole thing into the blue paint. Remove the straps and your well-wrapped present ball will be complete.

Level 14

Oh! Oh, look! It’s a bunny! Who can resist an adorable dead grass bunny?

…start off by adding the dots for the eyes, then don the mighty sunglasses to shield those eyes from the imminent application of fur in the form of dead grass.

With the mighty sunglasses thus donned, drop it into the seed bag.

Then, use the watering can three times. You can use it more if you want, the dead grass isn’t going anywhere. But you need to use it at least three times.

Finally, use the plungers. Plungers haven’t appeared in Factory Balls 2 yet, but their functionality is the same as in Factory Balls 1 – using a plunger once creates a slight bulge on the ball in the direction of the plunger. Using it again creates a longer bulge. Using it a third time causes the ball to pop like a balloon with dead grass growing on it.

Don’t do that.

Use each plunger twice and you should be home free.

Level 15

Once again, we return to our good friend the light bulb. Use the reverse pump to make the surface of the ball semi-permeable, then use the light bulb to make it glowing.

Don the hardhat of power, and then drop the whole thing in the blue paint. Hats off and you’re done.