FactoryBalls Walkthrough Level - 7 to 9

Level 7

Another gimmick level! It’s a gimmick that will be re-used later, but still!

This level tests whether or not you paid attention in art class. The three buckets are the three primary colors in printing – magenta, yellow, and cyan. There’s a few ways to do this, but we’re going to do it this way because I’m too lazy to go back and take new screenshots.

First, paint the ball magenta, and then drop it into the addition bucket.

Then, drop the ball into the yellow bucket. The result will be a red ball.

Level 8

This episode allows us to use the reverse ball pump, which makes the ball smaller.

In any case, the basic concepts here are not overly difficult. The spot-coverer also prevents the spots from being affect by the reverse pump, so just paint the spots the same way you’ve done before…

…and then drop it on the reverse pump with the cover still on. Put the cover back and you’re done!

Level 9

This level introduces short buckets. Short buckets do not contain enough paint to paint the entire ball, only the lower portion. Oddly enough, they will be seen again.

Start by painting the entire ball green with the tall green bucket, and then the lower portion orange with the low orange bucket.

Enlarge the ball once, then drop it the short green bucket, and you’re done.