FactoryBalls Walkthrough Level - 4 to 6

Level 4

It’s a gimmick level! Who doesn’t love gimmick levels?

Me. I don’t love gimmick levels. And I’m going to get you through with this one with a minimum of pain. The bucket I’ve helpfully indicated here with the ball contains the blue paint.

And this one contains the orange paint.

Congratulations. You will never see this mechanic again.

Level 5

Here, we need to make use of a property of large balls. The highly sought-after large balls, when dumped in paint, are not fully covered by it.

Let’s start by painting the ball green and enlarging it once.

Then, drop the slightly larger ball into the blue bucket. It will paint the bottom third of the ball blue.

Then, enlarge the ball again and drop it back in the green paint to leave just a narrow strip of blue.

Level 6

Now we need to paint a little face on your ball.

Start with the eyes. Drop the ball in the black paint, then put on these glasses which will, unaccountably, protect the eye area from the orange paint when you put it in that bucket.

A shocking turn of events, I know.

Once you have an appropriately painted face, use the plunger on your balls.

The plunger works in a similar way to the ball pump. Using it once will cause part of the ball to grow in the direction of the plunger. Using it twice will enlarge the growth. Using it a third time pops the ball.

Use it twice here to complete the level.