FactoryBalls Walkthrough Level - 13 to 14

Level 13

Another face. Start by taking a buzzsaw to your ball.

No, there is no way to reconcile the effects of the buzzsaw with the fact that the balls have been implied to be filled with air. Yes, I imagine that it must be incredibly painful for the ball. No, the buzzsaw will never be seen again.

With the buzz sawed, put on some glasses and extend the left ear once.

Then, paint the ball blue and extend the right ear once.

Finally, paint the entire ball purple, and remove the glasses.

Level 14

The end approaches, and an ending requires an appropriately decadent ball. Start by using the reverse pump.

This will, by means of strange voodoo magic, allow us to put a lightbulb in the ball. As this is the final level, it goes without saying that this mechanic will never be seen again.

Finally, cover up the spots, and paint the ball blue

Remove the cover, and congratulations, you have beaten Factory Balls!