FactoryBalls Walkthrough Level - 10 to 12

Level 10

Ooh, look, it’s a bunny!

This bunny relies on the fact that the bunny-ear shaped growths created by plungers are not painted a new color when the bunny is dropped in a new paint bucket. So start by painting the bunny green and using the plunger for the right bunny ear twice.

Then, paint the bunny blue and put on the glasses to cover its eyes.

Then, paint the bunny yellow, remove the glasses, and grow the left bunny ear twice.

We now leave bunnies to return to balls.

Level 11

Return of the paint-mixing mechanic, which is so robust that it will never be seen again.

This level just combines the paint mixing mechanic with the spot coverer. You start by painting the spots. Cyan + Yellow = Green.

Then, paint the rest of the ball.

Magenta + Yellow = Red. Remove the cover and you’re done.

Level 12

Short buckets! They will never be seen again.

This level also calls for us to use the unpainted parts of the ball. Start by painting the lower half orange, then put on the cover.

With the spots covered, paint the ball purple.

With the ball purple, paint the bottom half of the ball yellow. Return the cover to its rightful place and you’re home free.