FactoryBalls Walkthrough Level - 1 to 3

Level 1

The goal here is to take one of the seventeen balls in the tumbler and use the provided options so that it matches the ball on the cardboard box.

The first level is pretty easy, introducing us to the most basic of the game’s ball-modifying options, the bucket of paint. Drag and drop the ball over this bucket of orange paint to paint the ball orange.

The bucket of paint is by far the most common modifier, and will re-occur in every level throughout the game.

Unlike this black tape, which will never appear again. Nevertheless, you’re going to need to drop the ball onto it to get that black stripe and complete the level.

Level 2

This level introduces us another important ball-modifier, the spot-coverer. You use this to put spots on your balls.

You have no idea how difficult it is to say that with a straight face.

Anyway, you use the spot-coverer by first painting the ball the color of the spots.

Then, dropping the painted ball onto the spot-coverer to attach it…

… then dropping it onto the bucket that is the color you don’t want the spots to be…

…and, finally, putting the spot coverer back.

Level 3

This level will introduce us to the ball pump, which will make the ball bigger.

Like a balloon.

Don’t read too much into that, by the way, the game never does make up its mind exactly what the balls are.

Anyway, start by painting the ball green.

Then, drop it on the pump. The pump, like most objects that modify the ball’s shape, can be used more than once. The first time will make the ball slightly bigger. The second time will make the ball as large as it can be. Putting the ball into the pump a third time, however, will pop it.

Don’t do that.

You’ll need the biggest ball possible here, so drop it into the pump twice.