A Bonte Escape Walkthrough - Part 3

So this appears to be a box that is locked by a color code. So we’ll need to find a pattern of five colors. I’m afraid that you’re on your own with this one, I simply haven’t a clue how to help.

Surprising absolutely no-one, there’s a third and final safe within this one.

Having exhausted our other options, we are left with no other option than to stick as many things into as many other things as possible.

We have only three things to stick into anything else, of course.

I’m sure that this will make sense eventually.

We could also try looking in this cabinet that we’ve been ignoring this whole time, maybe the code for the final safe is in here and we won’t have to do anymore of this Weird Puzzle.

No, no, it’s just a glass. False alarm, folks.

Take the glass and introduce it to the water cooler.

Press the button on the water cooler to fill the glass with water. Hope you enjoy it, because you’re going to do have to do it five more times.

As you see, you can use the glass filled with water to pour it into one of these filters, leaving one of the three tanks as a test for determining how optimistic you are. Pour some water in the first tank.

Why the first tank, specifically, do you ask?

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