A Bonte Escape Walkthrough - Part 2

And it has a sequence of numbers. I wonder what we could possibly need to do here.

Yeah, you can see the code. 1 2 1 9 4 6.

Well, that unlocked the computer. Look, folders!

I’m going to save your time and just show all the actual relevant stuff you’ll find on the computer:

Well these are certainly fascinating numbers. Are they ratios? Are they some sort of cipher encoding different digits?

Yeah, they go into the safe.

Also grab this second filter from the top of the cabinet, by the way.

So this leaves you with three of the four numbers for the safe code. Where could you possibly find the third (fourth, whatever)?

Over here looks promising.

Ooh, look at the bird!

Or look at the 8 in the painting, and be glad that you have me directing your attention to it now rather than allowing it to fool you into thinking it has something to do with trying to fit four glasses of orange juice into three holes.

Oh, and there’s a third filter under the birdcage.

Well, that was relatively painless. Open up the safe, the key is...


I’m not even going to say anything anymore.

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