A Bonte Escape Walkthrough - Part 1

So, you’ve been locked in a room.


The door is locked, obviously, so we need to find the key. Keys are commonly hidden under doormat, so logic demands that we check under the doormat.

…yeah, the key’s in the safe.

Conservation of detail demands that this thing under the doormat is probably going to be useful anyway, though.

It’s a code!

Or part of a code, anyway.

It’s also three numbers, compared to the four number code apparently on the safe. So that pretty much exhausts our options. Truly we are doomed to be trapped in this room for...

Oh, yeah, right. Four walls.

What… is that thing sticking out of the plant pot?

Ooh, wait, no check under the seat cushion first.

Looks like someone dropped the other half of the code here. That makes a six number code, which is now too long for the safe. Obviously we’ll need to look elsewhere.

We’ll take this thing from the pot, too. Let’s call it a filter.

So let’s look over at this wall.

Oh, look, a laptop computer!

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