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Designer Edge - Advances in metamaterials are happening at an unprecedented rate. Now researchers say they're getting closer to making objects entirely invisible.  More>>

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Manufacturers Take Note: This Economic Indicator Forecasts Growth this Quarter

Advanced Manufacturing - Chemical Activity Barometer is a consistent leading indicator<br /> More>>


Integrated CAD/CAM: Truly Art to Part

Design Software - Machining parts from the comfort of your CAD software More>>


Kevlar Coating Makes Lithium Batteries Safer, Slimmer

Designer Edge - A new Kevlar coating promises slimmer and safer batteries. Could the same coating prevent... More>>


Next Generation Natural Gas Fuel Cells

Designer Edge - University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge partner for on-site generation. More>>


Future of Reality Computing from Car Restoration Perspective

Design Software - REAL Conversations on Reality Computing More>>



Webinar: From Weeks to Minutes: How Trussbilt Streamlined their Design Process

Design Software - As a leading manufacturer of metal doors and window frames for high security environments,... More>>


ANSYS 16.0 Release Sees Improvements to UI, Preprocessing, Model-Based Systems Design

Design Software - Other Highlights: thins and composites, adjoint solver, HPC, embedded software. More>>


Simulation Software Keeps it Simple for Design Engineers

Design Software - Cloud-based FEA Analysis brings Simulation Early in Development More>>


Can Helicopter Drones Revolutionize Off-World Exploration

Designer Edge - Could small, quad-copter like drones revolutionize the way we explore and do science on other... More>>


Graphine Becomes More Attractive with Magnetism

Designer Edge - Researchers have developed a way to imbue graphene with the pull of magnetism. Electronics of... More>>


Apply for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers’ Scholarship

Education - SME family scholarship winners can receive as much as $70,000. More>>


How GM Will Use Multiple Aluminum Joining Technologies in the New Cadillac

Advanced Manufacturing - New body line to combine lightweight materials on one platform More>>


Engineers Extend the Reach of Flat-Pack Bridge Construction

Designer Edge - Engineers in Northern Ireland push the limits of pre-fab construction building the world's... More>>


New Method for Analyzing Bird Flight Could Revolutionize Drones

Education - Stanford's biomimicry analysis of bird lift might be a stepping-stone to camouflaged drones. More>>


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