The Engineer's Picks:

Designer Edge - Could your Blue Ray discs find their way into solar panels one day? Research suggests the pattern written on the media promotes better light absorption.  More>>

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Superconductive Factory Automation for Lower Friction and Faster Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing - Could superconductivity, that long sought Holy Grail of electrical engineering, form a... More>>


Carbon Black - using Formula 1 technology to build a better wheelchair

Designer Edge - Scottish company introduces their carbon fibre wheelchair to the US through a Kickstarter campaign. More>>


Purdue’s Gift Guide for Young Engineers

Education - Purdue highlights a collection of toys to get kids interested in STEM. More>>


New Polymers Set to Revolutionize 3D Printed Implants

3D Printing - Over recent months we have seen a real change in the evolution of 3D printing technology. More>>


Magnetic Fields and Lasers Elicit Graphene Secret

Designer Edge - After a study of graphene's sub-atomic make-up in a magnetic field, researcher has discovered a... More>>


LLNL Researchers Create "Uncrackable" Nuclear Weapons Code

Designer Edge - Lawrence Livermore engineers develop uncrackable nuclear weapon safety codes. More>>


Close Up Footage of ORB-3 Rocket Explosions Released

Designer Edge - Up-close footage of Orbital Science's launch disaster proves exactly what you'd expect. Rocket... More>>


BITalino - a low-cost, easy to use bio wearable developer kit

Designer Edge - Portuguese developers are Kickstarter funding a new bio sensor development kit. More>>


Tanaka Develops Platinum, Nickel-Based AM Powder Materials

3D Printing - Japan's Tanaka Corp has developed a platinum metal AM powder and two other nickel-alloys powder... More>>


UAV on a leash - new ideas about aerial photography

Designer Edge - Sergei Lupashin introduces a UAV designed to alleviate concerns over safety and privacy. More>>


Are US gasoline pump prices actually high?

Designer Edge - Looking at historical price relationships, the cost of gasoline in the U.S. is out of balance. More>>


ORECA Designs a Race Car from Scratch in One Year using CAE

Design Software - STAR-CCM+ and other CAE tools used for top-bottom design of REBELLION R-One. More>>


Lockheed Begins Final Assembly of Next Mars Lander

Designer Edge - With a launched planned for 2017, NASA's newest Martian Rover, InSight, is beginning the long... More>>


Retaining Rings: Simple, but Highly Engineered for Multiple Applications

Designer Edge - Retaining rings are some of the simplest, most cost-effective and easiest to use retention... More>>


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