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Designer Edge - Whooshh Innovation uses a novel method to get fish across man made barriers.  More>>

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Great Lakes Commits $9M to Fight STEM Attrition

Education - Non-profit and leading guarantors/student loan suppliers target STEM. More>>


Professional Engineering (PE) Licenses Offer Access to a High Growth Market

Education - Why becoming a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) is the right path for you personally and... More>>


Engineers Reach New Heights with Pioneering ‘Flying Wing’ Project

3D Printing - Aerospace students at U. Sheffield rapidly advance the design of their swept wing UAV by using... More>>


Video Report: The Power of Zero - Dassault’s ENOVIA chief talks about the ”Zero Error BOM”

PLM/ERP - "The Power of Zero" is French PLM developer Dassault Systemes latest mantra, a reflection of the... More>>


Protect your electronic device designs from thermal runaway and counterfeit batteries

Electronics - New management system for lithium-based rechargeable batteries More>>


Sherbrooke students seek to break world record for watercraft speed

Designer Edge - University of Sherbrooke students are building a watercraft that they're hoping will break the... More>>


Blades of Grass Inspire Advance in Organic Solar Cells

Designer Edge - Rsrchers look to one of the world's most efficient light harvesters, grass, to design a new... More>>


Quantum Computing Marks New Milestone

Designer Edge - Two research groups build ultra-accurate quantum computing qubits from a pair of distinct materials. More>>


Acquiring Accurate Analog Data with SAR ADCs

Electronics - Successive Approximation Register Analog to Digital Converters More>>



Five Crazy Bridges for Animals

Everyday Engineering - Five Crazy Bridges for Animals More>>


3D Printing Goes Solar

3D Printing - So, how do you bring 3D printing to the world's most remote areas? You build a solar powered... More>>


Strategies on Building Willpower and Having Better Control Over Your Emotions

Jobs - Leo Gura shares his knowledge on how to build strong willpower that can impact your life and career. More>>


Mind Controlled Prosthetics Become a Reality

Designer Edge - For the first time a robotic prosthetic, controlled by a neuromuscular interface, becomes a... More>>


NASA Pioneers Ground Collision Avoidance System

Designer Edge - NASA work isn't contained to outer space and the Agency proves it with its new F-16 Ground... More>>


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