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Designer Edge - NASA is a step closer to launching rockets from U.S. soil as Boeing SpaceX get the nod as the private space ferries of choice.  More>>

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Can your Search Tool Find Similarly Shaped Files? – Mine Does!

Design Software - Easily find and reuse parts across the enterprise More>>



Using Algorithms to Evaluate Designs for Jet Engines and Aircraft

Design Software - In this webinar, Dr. Charles Roche of Pratt & Whitney will outline how algorithms can be used to... More>>


Nano-Ceramics Shatter Material Expectations

Designer Edge - Researchers at Caltech recently announced the development of the world’s strongest and lightest... More>>


Nanoscale Inspection: A New Low for the Optical Microscope

Designer Edge - Three-Dimensional nanoscale features studied by new technique More>>


Scientists Near the Industrial Synthesis of a Material Harder than Diamond

Designer Edge - Scientists come closer to the industrial synthesis of a material harder than diamond More>>


Making Drones More Customizable

Designer Edge - A new OS makes drones simple to build and modify for multiple applications. Could a universal... More>>


ESA's Bug-Eyed Telescope to Spot Risky Asteroids

Designer Edge - A new, fly-eyed telescope has been tasked with detecting Earth-bound asteroids. Now, what will... More>>


voxeljet VX1000 3D Printer: Industrial Scale Sand Casting & Prototyping

3D Printing - Large format 3D Printer is designed for short-run, highly complex industrial component producers. More>>


6 Engineering Fields with High Growth

Jobs - Being an engineer is kind of like being an artist: There are so many different specialties and... More>>


Smart Light Bulb Saves Energy as It Learns

Electronics - Stack Lighting has a goal: eliminate the light switch. Will its smart LED bulb make that happen? More>>


Advanced Light Source Sets Microscopy Record

Designer Edge - Researchers have achieved highest resolution ever with X-ray microscopy. Can better nano-imaging... More>>


UK Researchers Debut the First Flexible Graphene Display

Designer Edge - A joint collaboration between Cambridge University and Plastic Logic has resulted in the first... More>>


Porex’s Journey to Collaborative Integration with Cloud-based PLM

Design Software - How one manufacturer addressed their data management issues for product development More>>


Can Nuclear Waste Be Neutralized by Bacteria?

Designer Edge - Could single celled bacteria help with the problem of nuclear waste disposal? Researcher think... More>>


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