• This Week in Engineering

    Lunar Solar Power

    Chinese lunar mission; reusable hydrogen rocket; tires from plants; sensors powered by noise; Lunar solar power; and carpets with LEDs.
  • Some Assembly Required

    Simulating a Wind Tunnel in the Garage

    In this episode, Shawn uses a wind tunnel app and help from a ski coach to analyze his ski aerodynamics. He then designs a low-drag helmet. Watch to see how big a difference it makes to the drag coefficient. Shawn mentions that it’s a free app, but apparently it may not be for long so you may want to try it soon.
  • Tech4PD

    Technology for Product Development – Highlight Reel

    This episode brings the highlights of a dozen heated debates between duelling analysts Jim Brown and Chad Jackson. And of course, you’ll also see all their suffering when the audience votes don’t go their way.
  • This Week in Engineering

    Ink-Jet Circuit Boards

    MAVEN launches; world's largest tunnel-borer; ink-jet circuit boards; flying, swimming, driving drone; learning transistor; and laser holograms.
TWIE 164: Lunar Solar Power
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