• Learning Series

    GoldieBlox's Lindsey Shepard Discusses the Key to Girls in STEM

    "More than pink, we want to think!" says GoldieBlox's viral video.
  • Learning Series

    Interview with Ben Franklin Impersonator

    What advice would Franklin have for STEM youth?
  • Learning Series

    Benefits of the Multi-Purpose Orion Space Vehicle

    At the USA Science and Engineering festival, Dan Hedges spoke with Larry Price from Lockheed Martin. Larry works on the Orion Space Program. In this discussion, Larry explains the benefits of the multi-purpose spacecraft.
  • Learning Series

    Bill Nye Explains How to Bring Mars Samples Home

    Dan Hedges from ENGINEERING.com follows up with Bill Nye the Science Guy at the USA Science & Engineering festival.
  • Learning Series

    Chevron Supports STEM Education

    In this interview, Dan Hedges talks to Blair Blackwell, the manager of Educational and Corporate Programs at Chevron, at the USA Science & Engineering Festival.
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