PLM Is Best Hosted, SaaS, or On-Premise . . . Let’s Sort It Out
Every PLM vendor claims to support the cloud, but exactly how can be a bit of a mystery.
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The New Kids on the PLM Block
Controlling product development outside of traditional manufacturing industries.
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PLM for Small Manufacturers. Why Cloud?
Easy set-up of workflow can help to address burning product management issues.
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Is PLM an Option for SME’s?
The case of Autodesk PLM 360 at Roulunds Brakings.
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PLM at Jaguar Land Rover – The Moment of Truth for Dassault’s 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
Sometimes crisis can bring about surprisingly positive effects.
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IFS passes one million users and challenges SAP: "They’ve lost contact with their customer base” – TV-report
Can a mid-market ERP developer like IFS successfully compete with IT giant SAP?
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Vision vs. Reality – SAP HANA at Unilever and The Boardroom of the Future – TV report
You’ve probably heard about SAP’s in-memory database platform, HANA. The company has certainly made ...
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Volkswagen’s Epic Challenge to synchronize PLM for its Truck Brands
There’s an ongoing battle over which PLM/PDM system Volkswagen Group will use as the backbone for it...
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Multiphysics for the masses. COMSOL wants to democratize simulation in the design process– TV-report
Simulation is key to making virtual product development a reality. So it’s no wonder that simulatio...
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Dassault or Siemens PLM? The Contrasting Paths of Jaguar Land Rover and Volvo Cars
What is the best path to a modern PLM solution for automakers? This question demands more than a sim...
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"No walk in the park." The inside story behind Mercedes big CAD swap – TV report
Large OEM’s don’t switch their enterprise CAD systems every day, so it was a big deal wh...
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Will Dassault Systèmes "beyond PLM" vision be realized any time soon? – TV-report

Dassault Systems visionary leader, Bernard Charles, is working hard to promote the company's ”... More >>
Why PTC thinks that Smart, Connected Products will transform your business … and your PLM
Where is PTC heading? There's a lot of talk about Smart Connected Products, the Internet of Things, ...
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Product Innovation Platform: Plug'n'play in next generation PLM – TV-report

What will the PLM platform of the future look like? Can a single system cover everything from produc... More >>
A full PLM suite free of charge – what’s the catch with Aras?
There’s something quite unusual about the business model that Aras follows for their Innovator...
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"Easy to upgrade and Cloud ready" - why Jeeves ERP sees a great future in America
ERP isn’t just about the big players like SAP, Oracle, Sage or Infor
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"PLM should take over ownership of the manufacturing BOM too", says Siemens PLM’s CEO, Chuck Grindstaff
"So, how is the Industry 4.0 vision coming?", I asked Siemens PLM’s CEO, Chuck Grindstaff, dur...
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Arena, The Cloud and the ”dirty little secret of PLM”

There are three things that stand out when talking about PLM with Steve Chalgren.  He is the V... More >>
Video Report: The Power of Zero – Dassault’s ENOVIA chief talks about the ”Zero Error BOM”

By Verdi Ogewell ”The Power of Zero” is French PLM developer Dassault Systemes lat... More >>

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