Using “Snap to Geometry” with the Freeform Feature in SOLIDWORKS

In the tutorial video above, we’ll learn how to use “Snap to Geometry” with the Freeform feature in SOLIDWORKS.

In the FeatureManager design tree, moving the rollback bar above a feature or features will allow users to isolate where exactly in the design process they would like to activate the Freeform feature. After necessary changes are made, the rollback bar can be moved back to its original or any other desired position.

In the video, the “Direction 1 symmetry” and “Direction 2 symmetry” options were unavailable after activating Freeform and selecting the desired face. However, the face’s edges could be changed to “Moveable” using the dropdown menus originating from each edge.

Default points and tangent arrows will appear for moveable edges. Hold the “ctrl” button while selecting arrows and points to move an entire edge when dragging a single point.

The “Snap to geometry” option can be found within the Property Manager. Select this and then drag the necessary point to where it’s needed. This new edge will also need adjusting, and tangent arrows can be dragged to the required end point.

Be aware, sketch relations will not be applied to points. Any gaps created from adjusting faces will be filled by the Freeform feature.

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