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ENGINEERING.com is a digital media publisher that brings the most influential voices in engineering to a worldwide audience of designers and engineers. These stories highlight the latest advances in technology for product innovation and manufacturing. The ENGINEERING.com web sites, social media presence and mobile apps provide a platform for industrial brands to reach millions of engineers every month.

Our mission:

We believe engineering is the most important profession in the world. Our team of writers, editors, videographers and industry analysts deliver engaging stories that inspire engineers to push the boundaries of innovation.

Advertisers leverage our multi-channel digital platform to place their content in front of their target audiences. Our campaigns are designed to generate leads, create brand awareness and deliver on marketing objectives.

ENGINEERING.com offers the following resources to the engineering community.

Videos: ENGINEERING.com is the premier destination for entertaining and informative engineering videos on the web.

Mobile Apps: Got an iPhone, Android or iPad? Get the latest engineering stories delivered to your device anytime anywhere. AND SO ON

Feature Sections: Need to stay up to date on leading areas of engineering technology? We feature content streams from the most influential analysts in the following areas:

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Games & Puzzles: What’s fun for an engineer? The puzzles you find here are a combination of diabolical original works from our own team and tried and true puzzlers gathered from various online sources.

Library: The library at ENGINEERING.com has free calculators and endless engineering articles for students and professionals alike.

Directories: A searchable resource directory for engineers, including lists of manufacturers, universities and colleges. Add your company or organization to the directory so that others can find you.