How You Can Perfectly Align Text in SOLIDWORKS

Users can apply a variety of options for formatting text style, size and orientation using the text tool in SOLIDWORKS. The text property manager however, can allow you to customize even further.

Normally, you can move text by dragging a point located in the lower left corner of the text object. For more precise alignment, you can use the curve selection box in the text property manager to align text to other sketch features.

Let’s go over some of the key points of the video:

  • You first insert text along the selected curve, which could be a line, arc, or spline. You can then add relations and dimensions to the curve.
  • After you sketch a centerline you can select it with the curve selection box. You can enter text in a box below the curve selection box. Your text will appear above the line.
  • You can then select the center align option to center the text and click the green check to confirm the change.
  • You can then add sketch relations and dimensions to relate the text to the feature in your design to achieve the alignment you need.

Your text will now stay centered and aligned with the relevant feature at the distance you select, no matter how the feature is changed.

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