How to Create Selection Sets in SOLIDWORKS

Within SOLIDWORKS, it’s possible to select a number of features within an assembly and save them as a “Selection Set.” In the above tutorial video, we explore how to do this and what can be saved within a set.

Faces, edges, features and components of an assembly can be selected while holding the “Ctrl” button, and then saved as a Selection Set. To save them, right click the selected elements and click on “Save Selection.”

A “Selection Set” folder will appear in the Feature Manager, which users can return to at any time. Be aware that the Selection Sets folder will not appear in assembly files without a saved set.

Elements already recorded in the Feature Tree can be moved into a Selection Set by Ctrl+selecting each one, right clicking them and selecting “Save Selection.”

Single selections can be deleted from a set by right clicking on them and selecting “Remove from Selection Set.” An entire set can be deleted by highlighting the individual set’s folder and choosing “Remove Selection Set.”

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About the Author

James Keller has over seven years of CAD and instructional design experience, with a primary focus on SOLIDWORKS 3D design software. A strong design background allows him to wear both the hats of Engineer and Designer at once.