Creating Foreshortened Dimension Styles in Autodesk Inventor

With Autodesk Inventor, users can now create foreshortened dimension styles when creating annotations in drawings. In the video walkthrough below, we investigate how to implement these dimensions using a drawing of a USB stick as an example project.

Let’s review the process in the video.

To create a reference dimension, ensure that you highlight “Dimension” in the top right corner of your window.

Afterward, select a desired first edge to use as a basepoint and then select a point anywhere in the direction that the foreshortened dimension needs to go. Before placing the dimension, right click and hover over “Dimension Type” in the window that appears. Select “Linear Foreshortened” and place the dimension as needed.

An “Edit Dimension” window should now pop up. In this window, highlight “Hide Dimension Value.” Users can now enter their reference dimension.

To add additional arrows to the ends of extension lines, first ensure the dimension is finished. If so, select the desired point for an arrowhead and a “Change Arrowhead” window should appear. The dropdown menu will present a variety of arrowheads to choose from.

A note to remember: Foreshortened dimension styles work for both linear and radial dimensions.

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