Four Cutting-Edge Machining Products

Check out these products from Sandvik Coromant, Toyoda and Big Kaiser.

Corobore 825. Image courtesy of Sandvik Coromant

Corobore 825. Image courtesy of Sandvik Coromant

Sandvik Coromant unveiled its new-generation CoroBore 825 dampened fine-boring tool, featuring the company’s Silent Tools technology. The tool’s dampers can be dimensioned specifically for every size of adapter—resulting in enhanced process security where vibrations are encountered.

The tool’s boring head material has been changed from steel to aluminum, and the machine uses internal channels to deliver coolant directly onto the cutting edge during conventional and back boring.

The CoroBore 825 is designed for fine-boring applications with diameters from 19mm to 167mm (0.748in to 6.575in).

Read more at Sandvik Coromant’s website.

Toyoda FH630SX-i 5-Axis Horizontal Machining Center

Toyoda’s Five-axis FH630SX-I 5-Axis. (Image courtesy of Toyoda.)

Toyoda’s Five-axis FH630SX-I 5-Axis. (Image courtesy of Toyoda.)

Toyoda’s new addition to its 5-axis family, the FH630SX-I 5-Axis features high torque and simultaneous 5-axis machining—bringing stability and versatility.

The machine has a highly rigid spindle design that uses a tilting swivel motion to enable efficient processing of large workpieces. It is capable of traveling 12 inches past the pallet centerline in the vertical orientation, enhancing its reach and flexibility. The FH630SX-I also features an interchangeable spindle cartridge that supports an optional 8,000 RPM, 107 horsepower high-torque spindle, or the standard 15,000 RPM, 74 horsepower high-speed spindle.

Read more at Toyoda’s website.

BIG KAISER’s Fullcut Mill Contact Grip

BIG KAISER’s Fullcut Contact Grips. (Image courtesy of Big Kaiser.)

BIG KAISER’s Fullcut Contact Grips. (Image courtesy of Big Kaiser.)

The end mill’s dual Contact Grip features a threaded coupling system with a taper and flange face made for close contact and solid connection while allowing for selection from multiple heads by one holder.

As a result, the machine enables easy indexing of cutter heads without sacrificing rigidity or accuracy. When integrated, Big Kaiser’s Fullcut Radius Mill and the Ball End Mill operators will have access to four connection sizes and seven cutter types.

CDA’s Machine Tool Payback Calculator

The Copper Development Association Inc. (CDA) launched its online Machine Tool Payback Calculator, which enables operators to more accurately assess and leverage the impact of new technology on their balance sheets. The tool is geared to help manufacturers integrate the high-speed machining potential of brass to improve reliability and consistency—and the bottom line. Manufacturers can also measure the scrap value and machinability of brass, showcasing how its tool life isn’t impacted even when machined at aggressive metal removal rates.

For more information, visit the CDA’s website.