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Complex beam problem
Last Post 20 Aug 2014 11:25 PM by Adnan Shahriar. 0 Replies.
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Adnan Shahriar
New Member
New Member

20 Aug 2014 11:25 PM
    # In simple beam the cross sectional area is constant. So Mom of inertia and neutral axis is also constant.

    # This is not a simple beam,

    - Here the cross sectional area varies.

    - So moment of inertia must vary.

    - As the CG of two beams also vary then there should be change in neutral axis too.

    -So Mom of inertia wrt a axis also varies, must not go through CG!!

    # My que is HOW IS THAT?

    Is that will be like the green line?

    # How to calculate that? To find axial and shear stresses... Please help!!!

    # I dont like to draw any touch of Area moment or double integration methods to find stresses!


    I have seen it in some perspective and it feels like below the Red line of fat section of beam the whole area is compressed. So neutral axis remains Red line. The whole thing is caused by the Shear force occurred between two layers of beam.

    But if the fat section is considered too long then it feels like Neutral axis will go through its CG of fat section.

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