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Fote Wood Particle Pellet Mill/Wood Particle Pellet Mill Manufacturer/32Wood Shavings Pellet Mill
Last Post 26 Jul 2015 05:49 PM by li ling. 0 Replies.
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li ling
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New Member

26 Jul 2015 05:49 PM
    Fote Wood Particle Pellet Mill, Wood Particle Pellet Mill Manufacturer, 32Wood Shavings Pellet Mill

    Description of Wood Particle Pellet Machine

    This high quality wood shavings pellet mill has small volume, low noise, and simple structure. It has wide scope of application, for example, nearly all the rural breeding farmers and farms (such as rabbit, pig, cattle, etc) chose this machine to make feed pellets.

    The particle made by this wood shavings pellet mill has high hardness, smooth surface, fully internal curing degree. Therefore, the feed pellet produced by this machine can improve the animal digestion, avoid the picky of the livestock, and finally the pellets are conductive to the animal nutritional balance. Users can get the biggest benefit from this machine.

    Raw materials of Wood Shavings Pellet Mill Supplier

    1. All kinds of wood waste or agro-forestry waste can be used,such as.

    2. Wood waste,scobs,branch,palm tree,sugarcane residue,sawdust,medical slag,hay,discarded edible fungus bags.

    3. Bean stalk,wheat stalk,corn stalk,cotton stalks,sunflower stalks,mustard stalk,rice stalks,coffee husk,cotton shell,peanut shell,rice shell,coconut shell.

    4. Livestock and poultry's waste,tea waste,tea waste,forestry wastes,forestry wastes,wood chips and many other organic waste resources.

    Hot Sale Wood Shavings Pellet Mill

    Finished products of wood shavings pellet mill are with advantages of small particle size, high calorific value, high combustion efficiency, low pollutant load of ash and flue gas, easy storage and transportation, and can be used to replace firewood, coal, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas in hot water boilers, drying oven, industrial boilers and other industries, so they are the latest environmentally friendly renewable energy. Fote wood shavings pellet mill not only can effectively improve the comprehensive utilization of crop straw, but also can provide new environmentally friendly fuel for industrial production, biomass power generation, restaurants hotels and residents.
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