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Can spring energy be used to run a pedestal or ceiling fan using 120 watts electricity? If so tell specs pl. View All

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I am not sure what you are trying to do. Spring energy is a result of elastic distortions in materials particularly steel. You could use an electric motor to "wind up" a spring and recover the energy to operate the fan, but it would be more efficient to simply operate the axial fan using the electrical motor.

Niel Leon

7 years ago


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Neil thanks, I heard about the nanotubes a carbon material to construct the spring beside conventional springs made of steel, for storing more energy. As for electric motor I know that one and probably its output/input ratio is also good but I am trying to know is there any device without using electric energy that is not available, using the spring can produce energy for running electric fan, lightening a saver bulb and the tiny appliances etc.

7 years ago


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