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How can I locate the Engineer of record or the structural drawings for a Cement Plant built in Det.,MI 1966 View All
The Medusa Cement Plant was built in Detroit Michigan around 1966 - 1967. I investigated the Building Department files and was able to find a permit was issued but they were unable to locate any drawings or other information on the project. I need this information to verify the design of the existing structural foundation to determine if we can place a new structure on top of this existing foundation.

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A good place to start is City Hall, the architectural firm that built the place (if they are still around) and the library.

11 years ago


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tom tom
Hi Matts,

Have you tried searching the local architectural university or college. I know at my local university in Waterloo Ontario they have lots of drawings all the way back to the 50s. At the same time, in some municipalities they require the name of the structural architecture who approved the plans. You can try that for a lead.

11 years ago


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