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What is all the hype about surrounding Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner? View All
Why is there so much hype around the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner? What airline companies have purchased them, and when will they be in the air?

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This new 787 is super cool!

Simply from a passenger perspective, the interior is larger so passengers aren’t so crammed together. The windows are larger so you can actually see out them without having to lie down in the seats. The cabin will have a higher pressure which simulates a lower altitude, providing more oxygen. The cabin will also be considerably quieter and the lighting is controlled to better match a circadian rhythm. All these combine to help minimize jetlag. Overall, this thing is raising the bar on passenger comfort to a whole new level.

From a technology perspective this aircraft represents a new era in aircraft product design/development/production with new processes, new materials and new technologies!! Take a spin through the Boeing website to see more on this aircraft!
I can’t wait to fly on one!!

11 years ago


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