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What is the difference between an aerospace and aeronautical engineer?%0d%0a View All

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Davy Boone
Aeronautical engineering is an older term and was used when airplanes were the focus and there was no space travel. With space travel the term aerospace has become the preferred term although aeronautical is still used in certain geographies more frequently (UK).

11 years ago

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John Hayes
When I searched for aeronautical engineering jobs it returned 46 jobs. When I searched for aerospace engineering jobs it returned 968 jobs! Maybe wikipedia was right when they said that the "aeronautical" term is no longer relevant.

11 years ago


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rahul gopinath
Aerospace engineering is the branch of engineering that concerns aircraft, spacecraft, and related topics. Aerospace Engineering was originally known as aeronautical engineering and dealt solely with aircraft. The broader term "aerospace engineering" has replaced the former in most usage, as flight technology advanced to include craft operating outside Earth's atmosphere. In analogy with "aeronautical engineering", the branch is sometimes referred to as astronautical engineering, although this term usually only concerns craft which operate in outer space.

11 years ago


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