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Elke Woofter
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I had to struggle a bit till I figured what you wanted. I received the
email, but was I supposed to get an answer to my question based on what I
wrote on the site? Or was I just to receive the question?
I was not sure if I was to post the answer as well.
For inventory purposes it would be useful tool. I am not sure why we are
putting this on the website? Quickbooks or a MPRS program would be more
useful, at least for me.

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Graham Proudley
Hi Elke, it looks like you emailed in the question, which is great, because it worked. However, if you log into and look at the tabs across the top, you will see an "Ask@" tab. Click it and you will be able to better understand what the module is all about. It's a way for people to find answers from their peers and others in the engineering community to their engineering related questions. It's similar to a the idea of a forum, but it is a little more streamlined. Have a look around and try posting from withing the website and let me know what you think.

11 years ago


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