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main function of diode? View All
how many types of diode?what problem can happen unless useing diode?

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rahul gopinath
The main function of a diode is to block the current in one direction, and allow current to flow in the other direction. Current flowing through the diode is called forward current.

There are several types of diodes:
Rectifier diodes -- these are the most common, with its function described above.

Detector diodes -- these are more sensitive than normal rectifier diodes. They are used in radios and televisions to convert radio signals to audio or television signals.

Zener diodes -- These diodes are the opposites of the normal diodes, because they are designed to conduct current in the backwards (reverse) direction BUT only at a very precise voltage. Zener diodes are used to regulate voltages (to behave sort-of like a battery).

Capacitance diodes act as tunable capacitors and are also used in radios and TVs to allow electronic automatic tuning.

Tunnel diodes are used in oscillator circuits

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