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How to calculate shear stress in beams? View All

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Mike Wifado
Consider a segment of the beam shown. The shear load on the vertical surfaces are generated by shear stress that can be calculated by the following process...


10 years ago


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Jake Banman
for simple calculations in beams you can use the formula:

f = P/A

f = stress in the beam
P = load acting on beam
A = cross-sectional area force acts on

There are also other fomulas one can use, if you require more for your referance, just get ahold of me.


10 years ago

Source: College: Strength Of Materials class (Got an A!)

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Refer to the Manual of Steel Construction AISC book. They have tons of equations which will help you determine the shear stress in beams. Additioally, most basic textbooks or internet searches could leave you with at least a starting point.

9 years ago

Source: Manual of Steel Construction AISC Book

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