ZWSoft Premiers CADbro 2017 SP1 Doc Viewer

China’s CADbro 2017 gets its first update of the year. What’s in the new release?

The first upgrade advertised in SP1 is a new section view function. With this new tool, users can select imported geometry and slice it, revealing profiles in real time. These section views can then be saved to the view manager, where they can be searched and exported to a number of common CAD file types such as DWG, DWF, IGES or STEP files.

CADbro’s first service pack also expands the software’s ability to create 3D PDFs, a standard that’s becoming the norm across the automotive, aerospace and defense industries. With CADbro 2017, users will now have the option to export a 3D model to PDF and include any PMI information that might be critical for manufacturing.

File imports have also been updated with new, efficient tools that give users the power to open files via a keyword search or filter files by format. These tools should speed up workflows for most designers.

Finally, ZWSoft has enhanced its export process manager, making it possible to save export configurations so that they can be reused for later projects. These new tools create export standards that can help eliminate confusion when working with 3rd party manufacturers who require a certain file type to do their work.

 “CADbro 2017 SP1 is our first service pack in 2017. In response to customer demand, ZWSOFT plans to release 3 to 4 SP versions every year and continue to enhance the competitiveness of CADbro in the market to provide an easier-to-use, powerful 3D Viewer,” said William Li, Supervisor of CADbro Technical Department.

With five months already elapsed in 2017, expect CADbro to be updated rapidly in the coming months.